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49" Aero-Maxx II Light Bars

49" Aero-Maxx II Light Bars
49" Aero-Maxx II Light Bars
49" Aero-Maxx II Light Bars
49" Aero-Maxx II Light Bars
49" Aero-Maxx II Light Bars
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Item #: 9188-1549-00

Reg Price: $2,667.00
Our Price: $2,243.15
You Save: $423.85

  • Intense LED light bars provide a wide output coverage area exceeding NFPA requirements
  • Rugged aluminum chassis and impact resistant polycarbonate lens provide excellent durability in harsh environments
  • Cover lenses available in clear or colored configurations to match the LED
  • Slotted mounting bolt channels provide flexible mounting options
  • Serviceable lenses, lightheads and controller allow long-term maintenance of the product
  • Additional options includes: arrow stick, take-down and alley lights, and Opticom strobe tube

    9188-1500 Series
    These light bars meet NFPA 1901 upper zone "A" requirements for both clearing and blocking modes. When combined with our versatile Diamondback perimeter warning lamps and LED beacons, a 100% NFPA certified Weldon warning lamp package can be provided. Permanent lightbar is standard with mounting hardware optional. Lightbar gutter mounting kits available separately.

    Configuration Rules: For NFPA compliance, a minimum of 4 red or blue and 2 white forward facing lightheads and 2 red or blue side facing on each side are required. There shall be no amber forward facing or white rear facing lightheads.There shall be no more than 20 lightheads on any lightbar. This does not include take-down lights, alley lights or traffic director.Take-Down lights are installed in pairs. The take-down light locations are indicated by the dashed lines in the front of the lightbar. The take-down lights replace two LED warning lightheads. Alley lights are installed as a pair. The dashed lines at the end of each lightbar indicate the alley light location. The traffic director utilizes 7 lightheads on the 54 lightbar and 8 lightheads on the 59 and 72 lightbars. The dashed lines at the rear of the lightbar indicate the traffic director location. The traffic director is not available on lightbars shorter than 54.