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Helmet Shields

100% leather helmet grade leather Every detail stitched front to back
Reflective panels
No tin backs or stick-on letters
A lifetime guarantee
Choose between our Traditional Sewn, Passport, New Yorker, Heritage Series or Gold Leaf shields. Our Heritage Series shields provide a turn of the century look that will enhance the appearance of any fire helmet. The are made from 8oz. (1/8" thick) leather and are hand painted.
Our Gold Leaf shields are constructed from an 8oz. back and a 4oz. front sewn together. The face is real 24k gold leaf with the lettering and graphics printed onto the durable clear coating.
Traditional sewn, Passport, and New Yorker shields are available with smooth, sunken or raised numbers, leather Maltese Cross and Star of Life sew-ons, and a wide range of high quality medallions and printed graphics. Don't see what you want? Let us custom design a shield to fit your needs.
All of our shields use only the finest hand-cut leather throughout; 8oz. (1/8" thick) for the back plate, and 4oz. (1/16" thick) for the face plate, while other manufacturers may use pressed leather, patent leather, naugahyde, or even cardboard & plastic fillers, which require a tin brace on the back of the shield to retain its shape. Every detail of our shields is sewn completely through front to back using 8 stitches per inch. This guarantees the shield will retain its shape and appearance.
All of our shields are made from 100% leather helmet-grade leather. We are the only manufacturer that uses the same leather for our shields that is used to make leather helmets and truckers belts. We do not use garment leather or plastics in the construction of our shields.
Every detail of our shields are stitched together front to back. This makes a more durable shield and helps to eliminate puckering. Please ensure accuracy before ordering. Custom Helmet Shields are final sale.
6" Shields
New Yorker Style  Fire Helmet Shields
Gold/Silver Leaf Shields 6"
Imitation Gold/Silver Leaf Shields
LA Style Shields
LA Short Shields
4" Metro Style Shields
4" Gold/Silver Shields
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