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Magnetic Chock
Magnetic Chock
Magnetic Chock
Magnetic Chock
Magnetic Chock
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Magnetic ChockMagnetic ChockMagnetic ChockMagnetic ChockMagnetic Chock

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The Magnetic Chock was designed by a firefighter/paramedic to make sure that other following firefighter/medics had easy access into the building or apt. To many times a wedge slid on the floor and the door closed or somebody just pulled it out before anyone else got there. The magnetic chock is an improvement on all those old methods. The Magnetic Chock was designed to be used on the strike plate of the door jamb for ease of installation and high visibility. The combination version of the Magnetic Chock also gives the user the ability to chock the door open by using the chock on the hinge side of the door. The middle magnet was designed to stick to the top of the hingepin, securing the chock and holding the door in the open position. The Magnetic Chock is placed over the catch on the strike plate to prevent the door from closing and latching and is highly visible to others. - If the jamb is made of wood, or another non-metalic material, the magnets are measured to attach to the screws on the strike plate.
- On metal jambs The Magnetic Chock may be used anywhere along the jamb, including over the catch on the strike plate.
- The Magnetic Chock allows following crews easy access to the building, apt or rooms, while allowing the door to close 98% of the way.
- The Magnetic Chock won’t become dislodged like a wedge when the door is opened and closed repeatedly. The Magnetic Chock is clearly marked with FD lettering to let others know a working crew has chocked the door.
- The Magnetic Chock Improves search safety by keeping the door unlatched behind you and identifying the doorway to others.
- The Magnetic Chock uses super strong magnets that keep it in place while insuring that the door remains open for other crews.
- The Magnetic Chock is simple to use. Just place the chock on the jamb or in the hinge as you open the door, and be on your way. No more kicking in a wedge.