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Puncture & Cut Resistant Gloves

The #1 Selling PUNCTURE Resistant Gloves in the market…

Our V-FORCE Search Glove line is made with an exclusive patented SuperFabric brand material by HDM Inc.called Puncture Plus (or P+).

All current models in the V-FORCE line use this enhanced puncture and cut resistant version which has been engineered to outperform any other puncture resistant brand. They deliver the most needle puncture resistance, cut protection, and hand flexibility available. Nothing in the law enforcement market outperforms them for specialized searches. Period.

The style #X3 and #X4 gloves are a must-have for anyone involved in high-threat level searches who require the ultimate protection available. The #X5 design offers complete finger tip puncture resistance to anyone needing in a lightweight washable glove design. The NEW #X1 model has a single layer of in the palm for cut resistance exceeding that of Kevlar, and with an AirMesh breathable back. It makes a great general purpose search glove

When it comes to the importance of having true puncture resistance, you just don’t want to have any thing less than the best.

#1 in PERFORMANCE: Highly Protective: Exceeds NIJ’s highest protection levels for puncture/tear resistance and cut resistance. It surpasses the performance of any competitor model in the market with test results to prove it.

Flexible: Remarkable hand function that must be worn to be compared . Given the level of protection offered in the V-Force line the wearer’s ability to have both hand sensitivity and flexibility is nothing short of amazing.

Professional: Appearance is important. These glove styles have been designed to be both professional in appearance and non-threatening for general search situations / inmate processing.

Insurance: Officers deserve to be protected with the best as real threats are everywhere. Departments and agencies also increase their protection from costly injuries and liability by utilizing the latest protective technology.

#1 in TECHNOLOGY: The key component of the V-FORCE gloves is the multi-patented SuperFabric brand material itself. With years of development and testing by HDM, Inc., law enforcement grade versions were engineered to address the specific threats posed from hazardous needles, blades, etc. during searches. The elements of the material are: superior puncture and cut resistance + flexibility + breathability + durability. All of which fuse together to yield truly unprecedented technology. Currently, there is nothing that does the job better.

BUYER BEWARE: Unfortunately some companies provide confusing or misleading information as to the puncture performance of their glove styles. There is no substitution for REAL TIME testing. If your agency or department is looking to purchase the most puncture resistant gloves available and are uncertain about various claims, then we highly suggest you first obtain T&E samples from us along with any other products of interest in the market. It is only with such a comparison using hypodermic needles that you can be absolutely confident in your choice, as well as know the realistic performance boundaries for which these types of gloves can operate within. We are of course confident in the comparative superiority of the V-Force™ verses competitor models and thus encourage you to test and compare.
X1 V-Force Glove w/ SuperFabric