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Lighted LED Handheld Traffic Signs

STOP / STOP” “STOP / SLOW” Uses two arrays of ultra-bright white LED’s that illuminate the selected words continuously The bright, white lettering can be seen in bright sunlight as easily as it can be seen in the darkest night Sign has a pair of red, alternately flashing LED strobes on each side to attract attention “STOP/SLOW” model sign has ability to illuminate both sides simultaneously, or one side at a time for greater flexibility and longer battery life Visible over 1 mile distance at night, and can be clearly seen in rain, sleet, snow and fog Weather-proof design that allows it be used year round – in all weather conditions Ultra light-weight construction allows the sign (with battery pack) to weigh only about 2 lbs. Sign will automatically shut off when it is not held in the upright position, conserving power Uses state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery pack (included), providing 2 hours of on time 120VAC wall mounted charger is included
12" STOP/STOP LED Handheld Sign
18" LED STOP/STOP Handheld Sign Lighted
18" STOP/SLOW Lighted LED Handheld Sign
24" STOP/STOP Lighted Sign
Reg Price: $189.99
Our Price: $139.99
Reg Price: $279.00
Our Price: $199.00
Reg Price: $279.00
Our Price: $199.00
24" STOP/SLOW Lighted Sign
Traffic Safety Sign Lighted
Reg Price: $223.42
Our Price: $148.06