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Lighted Traffic Signs Sign

Light For Life Signs are unlike any other traffic control sign on the market today! Using an array of ultra-bright LEDs in a pixel arraignment, our 2-sided “paddle-type” sign will capture the attention of all approaching traffic in any weather condition. Visible for up to 1 mile at night, in low light and no light situations! Hand-held or stand-mounted, our battery powered signs are programmable, sequence flashing, lightweight, durable … highly visible. Our signs feature a “quick-change” battery module, and a telescoping handle for sturdy base support and can be mounted on any vehicle with a quick release arm that holds the sign securely. Single and double, hard and soft cases are also available for ease of transport. Our signs will be seen before headlights contact the control safety sign. Now you can be sure your sign is visible! Standard signs will have “STOP-STOP”, “STOP-SLOW” or “SLOW-SLOW” configuration. Programmable signs will have five optional wordings for each side. All Signs are laminated with HGH intensity prismatic grade reflective sheeting, which meets specification ASTM D 4956, types III and IV requirements.
12" STOP/STOP Sign
Traffic Safety Sign Lighted
18" STOP/STOP Sign Lighted
18" STOP/SLOW Sign Lighted
Reg Price: $199.99
Our Price: $157.97
Reg Price: $299.00
Our Price: $279.99
18" SLOW/SLOW Lighted Sign
24" STOP/STOP Lighted Sign
24" STOP/SLOW Lighted Sign
18" Programmable Lighted Sign
24" Programmable Lighted Sign