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48" Aerostar Lightbar

All Star Aerostar bars are built tough. Our heavy-duty aluminum extruded base will not bend, warp or sag. It's pressure-sealed to the strong, impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses, providing you with one of the most durable aerodynamic shells in the industry to protect components. The modular lens design makes any model easy to repair and a snap to re-seal. The lens colors come in amber, red, blue, clear and green. We CUSTOM MAKE light bars to your specifications. If you do not find what you are looking for, call us and our highly trained customer service representitives will work with you.
48 " Aerostar Lightbar 4 Halogen Rotators
48" Aerostar Lightbar w/ 4 Halogen Rotators & Accessories
48" Aerostar Halogen Rotators TDs  Rear Flashers
Reg Price: $601.64
Our Price: $398.72
Reg Price: $751.83
Our Price: $532.25
Reg Price: $669.07
Our Price: $443.52