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Badges Pins & Accessories

Choose from our large selection of Badges, pins and collar accessories for all services. If you need a custom badge contact us, we will be glad to help. SPECIAL NOTE:If ordering a badge for law enforcement, you must provide proper credentials by fax or email. Contact us for more details. Please ensure accuracy before ordering. All Custom Badges are final sale.
Smith & Warren American Pride Badges
Smith & Warren Badge of Life
Eagle Top Badges
Oval Shaped Badges
Star Badges
Smith & Warren Fire/Maltese Badges
Maltese Service Pins
Smith & Warren Law Enforcement/Security Badges
Smith & Warren Tie Bars
Smith & Warren Nameplates
Smith & Warren Collar Brass
Smith & Warren Commendation and Shooting Bars
Lapel and Hat Insignias
Smith & Warren Family Mini Badge Ornaments
Family Badges from Smith & Warren
Smith & Warren Pink Badges
Weyhing Brothers
Smith & Warren Hat Badges
Sunburst Badges