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Drag Rescue Harness

Drag Rescue Harness
Drag Rescue Harness
Drag Rescue Harness
Drag Rescue Harness
Drag Rescue Harness
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Drag Rescue HarnessDrag Rescue HarnessDrag Rescue HarnessDrag Rescue HarnessDrag Rescue Harness


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The FAST SLINGK is a multi-purpose tool made of 4200 lb TECH Tape webbing. The yellow loop has a eight foot circumference with the red and blue 4 feet each. Stretched out end to end is 8 feet! Purchase by itself, with a NFPA Biner and/or Bag Functions include: Fast Harness: The red and blue loops are placed around each leg while the yellow loop is placed around the body and pulled up to the front of the face. The legs and torso are supported to lower a victim to safety. Drag Strap: the loops stretch out to 8' in length making it ideal as a DRD (Drag Rescue Device), around the back and under the arms. Haul Cylinders: The red and blue loops can be wrapped around cylinder heads while the yellow loop becomes your shoulder strap. Search Tether: A person on each end of the FAST Slink is an ideal tether for large area searches. Door Breach Control: Place a slip knot over any door handle to control the breach of a door. This allows you to stand back preventing injuries from tools and/or flash over. Supply Hydrant Strap: Place a slip knot over the end of the supply line and throw the large loop over the hydrant to keep your supply line in place. Also can be used to move hose lines. One end around the end of the hose with the large loop becoming your shoulder strap. Truck Company Tool: Wrap tools such as saws to be pulled up to roof operations. MVA Operations: Securing doors and anchor strap for personnel working on hills Red loop through one leg, blue loop through the other, and the yellow strap is placed under arms around the back (Like a hula hoop). Then simply pull the yellow straps up in the front of the chest and connect a carabineer for a lifting point. To make the strap tighter- place hand between the red and blue loops under the yellow strap and pull up. You will pull up an additional piece of yellow webbing that can be placed in a carabineer.
Price $181.99
FAST Bag Basic
Price $179.99
SCBA Cylinder Cover
Price $32.99