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Lemon-Glycerin and Oral Swabsticks

Lemon-Glycerin Swabsticks Pleasant tasting lemon glycerin solution soothes and refreshes dry mouths of patients with restricted oral intake Oral Swabsticks Three Swabsticks per Packet Oral Swabsticks Gently cleans, moistens and refreshes mouth, teeth and gums Raised foam ridges remove particles and mucous for enhanced oral hygiene Individually wrapped
Lemon-Glycerin Swabsticks 10 boxes/ 25 count
Lemon-Glycerin Swabsticks 25 count
Flavored Oral Swabsticks with Dentrifice (Individually Wrapped)- 250 count
Flavored Oral Swabsticks/ Dentrifice (Individal Wrapped)- 4 Boxes/250ct
Oral Swabsticks, untreated (Individually Wrapped) 250 count
Oral Swabsticks, untreated (Individually Wrapped) 4 Boxes of 250 count