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Low Pressure Wedge Lift System

Low pressure wedge air cushions combine the advantages of high and low pressure cushions. They are extremely flat and can be used in gap widths <0.4. The lifting height is up to 47.25 with a maximum power of 22,000 lbs. Due to large supporting areas they provide for low surface pressure thus ensuring a secure and almost non-deforming lifting of even flexible structures. The delivered controller allows for filling with two gas cylinders at the same time (double filling speed). Of course the cushion may be filled with a compressor too. Special feature: the controller may be used for filling high-pressure cushions also. Maximum lift 11,000 lbs Filling pressure max. 15 PSI Height 0.31 - 15.75 '' Width 27.56 '' Depth 35.43 '' Weight 17.65 lbs Order-No. 04024 Maximum lift 22,000 lbs Filling pressure max. 10 PSI Height 0.31 - 47.25'' Width 44.50'' Depth 51.18'' Weight 59.5 lbs Order-No. 04025