Star Laser-Now That's Innovative!

The STAR LASER is the newest generation of low-profile lightbars. A blend of innovative modular design, sculptured contours, exceptional strength and durability. Laser Cage Technology is the most advanced, integrated componentry design. STAR LASERTM LCT provides the ability for each modular head (LED or Halogen) to be interchangeable with other modular heads for multiple custom configurations. "ISO-VIBE" modular head design provides circuitry protection and is equipped with plug-n-play electronic connections for smooth adaptation to your needs. Rugged exterior, extruded aluminum bases and UV stabilized polycarbonate lenses provide a lean, more assertive stance to any vehicle form. Exterior Construction
# Rugged top and bottom aluminum extrusions.
# Optical grade UV stabilized virgin polycarbonate lenses.
# Weatherproof seals and stainless steel fasteners.
# Streamlined design.
# Top extrusion removes completely for access to modular components.
# Front lenses stay securely in place.
Front Facing Modular Heads
# M-Tech LED modular head
# Halogen modular head
# StarBurst TM LED modular head
# Standard LED Array modular head
End Facing Modular Heads
# Front facing modular heads are interchangeable with corner positions.
# Corner positions can be customized to any combination of modular heads.
# Super bright LED Alley light.
# Traditional 35W Halogen Alley light also available.
Laser Cage Technology
# ISO-VIBE modular head design protects circuitry.
# Modular heads are easily interchangeable and provide ability for multiple custom configurations.
# Independent driver circuit for each head provides flash pattern control and fail safe operation.
# Synchronize heads in simultaneous or alternating mode. Additional Options & Specifications
# LED module colors: Amber, Blue, Green, Red, White
# Color filters available for Halogen modules. Amber, Blue, Red.
# End position can also be color warning light.
# Standard mounting kit included.
# Vehicle specific mounting straps available.
# Front lenses standard clear. Also available in Amber, Blue, Red.
# End caps standard clear. Also available in Amber, Blue, Red with optional clear alley light window.
Star Laser 34" Lightbar
Star Laser 46" Lightbar
Star Laser 52" Lightbar
Star Laser 58" Lightbar
Reg Price: $2,099.83
Our Price: $1,391.60
Reg Price: $2,175.88
Our Price: $1,442.00
Reg Price: $2,213.90
Our Price: $1,467.20
Reg Price: $2,251.93
Our Price: $1,492.40