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Vehicle Fire Tools

The AUGUSTUS Fire Tool is the latest technology in Piercing Nozzle Applicators for both Hoselines and Extinguishers. They are ideal for penetrating exterior surfaces and combating Confined Space Fires safely using the Indirect Method of Attack. These high quality stainless steel tools were designed with the primary objective of Safety for Fire Services Personnel, eliminating the need for immediate, sometimes hazardous, time consuming forcible entry operations. Currently five models are available for various applications.
Series 100 Nozzle for Portable Extinguisher / Water Cans
Series 200 Nozzle for Hoselines
Series 300 Long Snot Nozzle for Hoseline Tools
Reg Price: $1,617.00
Our Price: $1,358.28
Reg Price: $1,585.50
Our Price: $1,331.82
Reg Price: $1,806.00
Our Price: $1,517.00